If you own a private well here in British Columbia, you know contaminants can make your drinking water smelly, cloudy, unpalatable, and possibly hazardous to your health.

Testing for contaminants in your well annually is imperative for your well-being. Installing the appropriate water treatment systems to mitigate particles, metals, chemicals, or bacteria in your well water makes good sense.

At Bee's Knees, we can assist you with testing. The results, provided by a third-party lab, guide us in recommending a drinking water system best suited to eliminate or reduce specific contaminants in the drinking water at your Vernon, BC, home.

Water Treatment Solutions

No single filter or treatment process will eliminate all contaminants.

For example, if you have silt and dirt in your water, you might need whole-house sediment filtration and a drinking water system. If testing shows bacteria and viruses are the problems, an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system may be the solution.

A point-of-use carbon filter or reverse osmosis system works with your drinking water tap. We typically install these systems under the kitchen sink, where they screen out contaminants such as arsenic, lead, and nitrates.

When you use the correct drinking water system and filters, you can consume your well water confidently, knowing it is clean and safe to drink.

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What's in My City Water?

Your municipal water supply originates from a well, river, lake, or another water source. Although currently there are not enforceable drinking water standards on a national level in Canada, the federal government has Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

These guidelines set the maximum acceptable concentrations of substances in drinking water to provide the safest drinking water possible. It's important to realize the national guidelines across Canada's 13 jurisdictions are voluntary and nonenforceable. Canada's provinces and territories hold the authority to make decisions regarding drinking water.

Even with stringent guidelines, municipal water supplies are not immune to contamination. An error made during treatment can affect the amount of chlorine that ends up in the water supply. Contaminants may enter your water supply through deteriorating pipes. Sewage released during a flood may contaminate municipal water systems.

Do You Have "Forever Chemicals" in Your Drinking Water?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as "forever chemicals," are cause for concern in municipal and well water supplies.

According to the Government of Canada, PFAS do not break down in the environment, can build up in fish, and travel through soil to contaminate drinking water sources.

Health Canada notes that research suggests some PFAS may affect many systems and organs, such as the liver, immune system, kidney and endocrine system (thyroid). PFAS may also affect your fertility, development and metabolism, such as your cholesterol and body weight, along with other medical issues.

Our experts at Bee's Knees can add an extra layer of protection to your city water supply by installing a drinking water system in your Vernon, BC, home.

Installing a Drinking Water System

If you want to treat all water running through your plumbing, we can recommend a whole-house system tailored to meet your needs.

Repairing and Maintaining a Drinking Water System

Drinking water systems are just like other appliances in your home. They require preventative maintenance to stay in top condition. We can help you with water treatment system maintenance, including filter replacement.

Eliminate Contaminants in Your Drinking Water

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