YORK® YXV Air Conditioner.

Premium Comfort with Lower Energy Use

The advanced design of the YORK® Affinity™ YXV 21 SEER Variable Capacity Air Conditioner dynamically adjusts capacity and airflow to precisely match changing needs for maximum comfort and minimized power consumption. In fact, these ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient qualified models can significantly cut energy costs compared to older, lower SEER units. A suite of leading-edge technologies provide quiet operation, maximized efficiency and long-term, premium comfort you expect from an industry leader.


  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient qualifying efficiency up to 21 SEER
  • Charge Assurance™ allows for faster, more accurate installations
  • Unit pairing with YORK® Hx™ and Hx™3 Touch-screen Thermostats enhances comfort and improves control of your system
  • Swept Wing Fan – A design adapted from aerospace engineering provides whisper-quiet operation by allowing air to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan surface and edges.
  • QuietDrive™ system silences vibrations with swept wing fan and composite base, while variable-speed compressor provides quiet and efficient operation
  • Climate Set™ maximizes overall efficiency and provides improved comfort by fine-tuning the system to the indoor and outdoor environment
  • Integrates with the Hx™3 Communicating Zoning System
  • Durable Finish – A high quality powder paint finish rated at 1000 hrs. salt spray provides the ultimate protection from corrosion and harmful UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting, high quality appearance.