YORK® AP Air Handler.

Moves Air to Complete Your Home Comfort System

The YORK® AP Standard-efficiency, Multi-speed Air Handler features a MaxAlloy™ aluminum coil built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability. The one-piece, multi-position cabinet construction provides installation flexibility.


  • Composite, low-water-retention drain pans reduce the possibility of mold or bacteria buildup
  • Standard multi-position provides everything needed for all installed positions – no additional kits required
  • Built-in filter rack accepts 1.0″ disposable and cleanable air filters
  • Robust design is rigorously tested well beyond industry standards to ensure long-lasting performance
  • Less than 2% air leakages at 1.0″ esp. ensures only conditioned air moves through your home and unconditioned air isn’t introduced into the system
  • MaxAlloy™ coil features advanced corrosion-resistant design for long life