Electrical Rewiring Services in Vernon

There are several reasons why you might consider a complete rewiring of your home. If your home is older, you might need to rewire to replace outdated and dangerous wiring. Another reason to rewire is if you have remodeled, finished a basement, or built an extension. You’ll want to make sure all the wiring works together and is up to today’s standards.

Our skilled electricians at Bee’s Knees Plumbing and Heating can ensure that all appropriate permits are pulled and that every step of the project adheres to the BC Electrical Code. We can evaluate, troubleshoot, upgrade, or replace your residential wiring.

Signs Rewiring Is Needed

There are some tell-tale signs that your home may need rewiring:

  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells
  • Warm outlets
  • Discolored switches
  • Sparks coming from outlets or switches
  • Breakers that frequently trip
  • Light bulbs burn out quickly
  • Electric shock when you plug something in an outlet
  • You rely on extension cords
  • Your home has outdated knob & tube or aluminum wiring

If any of the signs listed above are showing up in your home, don’t put your home and your family at risk. Contact us today at (250) 800-1373. We can evaluate your home and identify potential hazards.

The Danger of Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob & tube (K & T) wiring was used in many homes built in the 1940s or earlier. Because of its age, K & T can be compromised and leave your home vulnerable to risks like fire and electric shock. K & T wiring was not designed for today’s electric loads. This wiring limits how many outlets you can use and safety mechanisms like GFCI, arc fault, and tamper-resistant outlets aren’t available. Electrical spikes are also more common, potentially damaging appliances and other electrical devices. Lastly, many insurance companies will not cover homes with this wiring. Those companies that do will require a much higher premium than what you would pay with updated wiring.

The Danger of Aluminum Wiring

Like K & T, aluminum wiring carries an increased risk for fire and higher insurance premiums. Aluminum was often used for wiring homes in the 1960s and 1970s as a cheaper alternative to copper wiring. Unfortunately, aluminum can rust, which inhibits the flow of electricity and cause overheating. When copper rusts, its oxide can still properly conduct electrical current. Aluminum is also softer than copper. That softness means aluminum wires can be damaged more easily. The areas of damage become hot spots.

Wiring for Additions and Remodels

Your existing electrical system, even if modern, may not be adequate for the new demands placed on it by remodels and conversions. Your existing system also probably cannot handle any addition or extension of your home. Our experienced technicians can wire or rewire as needed so both the existing and new sections work together seamlessly.

Hire a Professional for Your Rewiring Project

Few things in a home have the potential to create damage like improperly installed wiring. Only a licensed professional like an electrician from Bee’s Knees Plumbing and Heating should wire or rewire your home. Our experts give you peace of mind that the job is done right.

We guarantee our technicians are fully bonded and insured. They will be courteous and professional. They will provide you with a detailed quote before any work begins. We will be respectful of your home and your time, completing the job on time.

If you need to finance your rewiring project, we have options available that fit your budget.

Call Bee’s Knees Plumbing and Heating today for your free quote, (250) 800-1373. You can also book directly online or send us a message. We offer same-day service appointments!

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    “We needed a plumber- had no clue which to call- seriously we picked Bee’s Knee’s because of their interesting name and how they got that name. The service we received right from our first phone call ...”

    - Anna B.
    Both people were great to deal with and they will get my business in future.

    “Serene arranged the appointment and followed up before and after to ensure all went well. Kailis was very confident and seemed to do the install effortlessly.”

    - Leanne M.

    “Hot water tank was doing the slow - but very scary - leak and they got a new one in before mid-afternoon! Ethan gave a couple of options and explained them, then got it done!!”

    - Carolyn M.
    Thanks so much!

    “Excellent communication from the receptionist and the crew...clearly explained the problem and provided guidance on the next step.”

    - Fiona T.
    Awesome service.

    “He was professional and patiently answered our questions. Also, he gave us some tips on how to keep our AC and furnace running more efficiently after he performed the maintenance.”

    - Diana T.

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