Landscape Lighting Ideas for Added Curb Appeal

Exterior House illuminated by newly installed landscape lighting.

Small additions like landscape lighting can give your landscape extra curb appeal that even your neighbors can admire. Lighting for a landscape is pretty simple when there is a trusted electrician on your side to guide you through the best ways to light for your yard.

There are different ways to light your yard and different areas you can place lighting to add a layer of security and safety. Front-of-the-house lighting is great for giving your home an elegant look. On the other hand, back-of-the-house lighting is perfect for when your guests arrive and the lighting sets the right mood for your event or even a relaxing moment outside.

Attention to detail can take you a long way, and an electrical company like Bee's Knees Plumbing and Heating Ltd. can assist you with mapping out where to place lighting to get the right look for your home. Here are some ideas you can use to light any outdoor area of your house!

1. Path Lighting

Adding path lights is one of the best ways to add a light source to your yard. Path lights around the perimeter of your yard can be used to mark the driveway, pathway to your front door, entrances to another section of your yard, and more. Homeowners have chosen path lighting as their go-to for years as a way to add curb appeal and security.

2. Ground Lights

Similar to pathway lights, ground lights, also known as well lights, are designed to be inserted directly into the ground. Ground lights are a great idea if you’re looking to add brightness to your yard, especially in hard-to-light areas. They can also be used as accent lights in certain areas like around trees, shrubs, and plants.

You can find LED bulb ground lights that are hardwired to save money. You can also set the light on a timer and program all of the lights in the yard. If you have a pool, the light can be submerged in water to illuminate special fixtures and features.

3. Front Door Lights

Just about everyone’s favorite, front door lights are usually a hit with homeowners who want to add an extra layer of security to their homes. Well-lit areas like front exterior doors are usually avoided by people who may try to break in.

Adding front door lights also adds to the overall aesthetic of your home’s design and highlights the entrance. The type of bulb you choose is important for the look you’re going for and security. Warmer lights create a friendly mood, while cooler lights are brighter for safety.

4. Deck Lights

If you have a deck at home, adding lighting to the space on or around your deck could be a cool addition to the appearance of your backyard. Adding lights to a deck can enhance family time, outdoor meals, activities, and more by illuminating the space for relaxation.

5. Column Lighting

Columns are already elegant enough, but adding lighting is taking elegance to the next level. For a striking appearance, and breathtaking curb appeal, we suggest adding built-in column lights to accentuate each column and draw attention to that area of your home. An electrician can safely install the lights for you and help you choose the right lights for the feel and look you’re trying to create.

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