Welcome to The Bee's Knees Hive Membership! Join us and enjoy complete assurance as we handle all your essential home systems, including heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. Our service ensures automatic yearly tune-ups and inspections. As a valued member, you benefit from a 10% discount on all services, helping you save on any repairs or replacements needed. Forget the hassle of keeping up with maintenance—our team manages everything from HVAC tune-ups to electrical inspections, and there are no Consultation fees while you’re enrolled. 

Our membership plan organizes four dedicated visits throughout the year, targeting electrical systems, plumbing, heating, and cooling. Each visit includes a thorough filter check and replacement if necessary, with standard filters provided at no additional cost. For those with tankless water heaters, we include a flush during the plumbing inspection to boost performance and efficiency.

Please be aware that our membership requires a 3-year commitment, though you have the flexibility to cancel anytime. Keep in mind, canceling early means you must reimburse any discounts utilized. Payments for this plan are conveniently made monthly via credit card.

Join The Bee's Knees Hive Membership today and ensure your home comfort is completely carefree!

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